July 18, 2021

Snowflakes on Snow Break

Your favorite Snowflakes are taking a well-deserved Snow Break. No worries, we'll be back!

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re wondering why Republicans don’t know they’re the bad guys. It seems to us that if your side of the political aisle is home to Nazis then you’re most certainly on the wrong side of things. One would think it was obvious. Assuming Republicans do know they’re the bad guys, do they even care?

That said, we’re not letting Democrats off the hook entirely either. Not that we consider Dems to be bad guys, but more so they’re the guys currently not getting things done. We’re in possession of the Holy Trinity; the trifecta of power (Presidency, Senate, House), yet we’re not doing away with the filibuster? WHY NOT?! Cause we’re too busy passing the woo-woo talking stick and catering to each other’s fee-fees. That’s why.

Also, why can’t (or won’t) the Dems play dirty like our GOP counterparts? Both parties show up to the poker game, but while the Dems play by the book, the Republicans are counting cards and stacking sides. We aren’t playing the same game at all folks.  C’mon Democrats, get it together before the bad guys take over again.

We’d also add that there’s really no better way to distinguish which party is good and which is bad than by looking at the economy. Modern history tells us that when Democrats hold the presidency, the U.S. economy fairs better than when the GOP is at the helm. We’re talking regressive taxation v. progressive taxation, protectionism v. fair trade, and supporting businesses v. supporting people.

Tune in to laugh along at some really good points about “Good Guys” v. “Bad Guys” and how those matches tend to play out, whether in wrestling, in movies or in our own government.

BONUS: Stick around to the end of the show to hear a very funny 50th episode mic-check involving 2 cats and a fake plant.



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