Sad news, Alex on the stand, and laser beams coming out of the judges eyes. What else could you ask for?

This week we go over the deposition of Owen Shroyer aka Baby Alex Jones aka Mini-Nazi Abe Lincoln. We have yet to hear Alex Jones on the stand and it is already becoming obvious "How to lose a BILLION Dollars."

This is the story of the most interesting way to lose a billion dollars that we can imagine. Hear clips from the depositions, hear Alex be the worst, and much more in this law and order episode of The Carolina Snowflakes Podcast.

In Part 3 of our series on the Trump religion we go over the Victory Channel and it's Trump preachers. 

An audio buffet of crazy Trump preachers. Mostly Greg Locke, and the debut of a new bit, the Gutpunchline of the week, where we examine a "joke" from "comedian" Greg Gutfeld on Fox News and make the "joke" actually funny. 

Here we go, time to tackle the huge religious elephant in the room. 

The last installment of our series on Cato the Younger. Things get real crazy in this one and we have our first sponsor. Also a sneak peek at next week's episode. 

We continue on our tale of Cato the Younger. Drag Queens, Shitholes, and genocide all show up in this 2000 year old tale.

History doesn't always repeat, but it often rhymes. 

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