Wear a damn mask! Amanda and Jason tackle the pandemic in this episode. Learn about how the Covid crisis is affecting the south and much much more!

After a week where police shot another unarmed black man, while ignoring a 17 year old with an assault rifle who just shot protesters, Amanda and Jason just have to vent their snowflake rage. Lots of profanity in this one because the subject is so infuriating.

August 30, 2020

Carolina Snowflakes Trailer

The Carolina Snowflakes present a "Southern Moment."

In part 2 of our Black Lives Matter series Amanda and Jason discuss their influences in thinking about racial equity. What does whiteness mean in America today? What are some ways to think about the difference between prejudice, discrimination, and racism?

Amanda and Jason are going on Dr. Phil. Daytime television is never safe around the Carolina Snowflakes! How much do you really know about the bald, mustachioed Texas television host?

Part 1 of the Carolina Snowflakes series on Black Lives Matter. Amanda and Jason take a more serious approach in discussing their own understandings of the movement as it relates to the Carolinas. They also tackle some common misunderstandings about racism. 

Amanda and Jason discuss some of the current conspiracy theories floating around online, but it turns out the real threat is already in our pockets! Lots of jokes in this one so grab a snack and your tin-foil hat!

Amanda and Jason discuss Rachel Ray. They dislike Rachel, but why? ***DISCLAIMER*** This episode was recorded before Rachel Ray's house was burned down. Amanda and Jason feel very bad for Rachel and hope that her rebuilding goes well.

August 7, 2020

Ep. 2 Blending In

Amanda and Jason tackle the issue of trying to blend in while living in the south. We tell some stories and have some jokes.

August 7, 2020

Ep. 1 Snowflake Awakening

In the first episode of the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast Amanda and Jason discuss their snowflake awakenings. They talk about how living in the south affects their liberal ideals, and share some funny stories.

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