October 31, 2021

Ep. 57 RIP Internet Explorer

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re saying farewell to Internet Explorer (IE). Once the most used Internet browser in history, IE has most definitely seen better days. To be honest, the “little blue e” hasn’t seen a good day in quite some time and as a result, Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on IE in 2022.

For us Snowflakes, IE was the birthplace of our earliest internet explorations. Being that we’re old enough to remember life before the internet, but still young enough that the internet has very much become a part of our everyday lives, we have something of a unique experience.

Join us as we reminisce on our youthful exploration of the “wild west” of early Internet browsing. Hear tales of our dabbling in Geocities, Yahoo Answers, Ask Jeeves and the late, but not-so-great social media precursor called Friendster.  We chatted, we Livejournaled, we swam with the catfishes before Catfishing was even a thing. And we did it all, in great part, thanks to Internet Explorer.    

Tune in and join us as we pour one out and pay our respects to Internet Explorer. 

October 24, 2021

Ep.56 Halloween DeathMatch

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re gettin’ super ghastly in celebration of our favorite holiday, Halloween. If it’s horrifying and goes bump in the night, we’re there! Hear about some of our favorite horror flicks and learn which ones we probably shouldn’t have watched as kids. Oh well.

Then stick around for the main show as we host our 2021 Halloween Death Match. What better way to celebrate this spooktacular holiday than to pair 20 of our favorite horror movie characters in an epic fight to their grisly deaths? So much excitement in only 35 minutes! WHO WILL WIN?!

We’ve got Freddy v. Pinhead, Lestat v. Dracula, Chucky v. Leatherface, plus SO MUCH MORE!

Do you enjoy horror movies and Halloween to your core? Then you’ll LOVE this episode.  Tune in today!

October 17, 2021

Ep. 55 HollyWaste Inc.

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re sharing with listeners a recent encounter with a Hollywood rep that left a bad taste in our mouths. Is Hollywood all it’s cracked up to be and why are states such as NC and SC so willing to kiss the rears of movie makers? Maybe it’s just us, but the current movie production incentive programs are certainly questionable--particularly in how they give the green light for producing endlessly excessive waste.

Now don’t get us wrong. We love movies as much as anyone, but we have some questions when it comes to these tax breaks and rebates given by states where filming occurs. Are they worth it? Do states actually benefit from their own “please film here” movie incentive programs? Seems to be the million dollar question; literally and figuratively. 

Tune in to hear our hilarious takes on how these programs work, plus our brilliant suggestions on improvement. Just FYI, we give good advice. Hopefully the states are listening.

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re examining the good, the bad, and everything in between since January 20, 2021.

It’s been 9 months since President Biden took office and boy has he been busy. On the plus side, he’s undone countless horrible Trump administration policies and focused more extensively on getting the pandemic under control. On the downside however, there have been a few less-than-stellar moments during his administration thus far.

Join us as we talk about these moments and what we think his next steps should be.

Tune in to hear all this (plus more!) as we assess the ins and outs of the last 9 months of our current administration.

P.S. don’t tell the Republicans about Joe’s alter ego, Buck Fiden. They’re too smooth-brained to comprehend this level of hilarity.

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re saddling up for a dinosaur ride like no other as we explore the nutty world of biblical literalism.


What happens when dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel merge in an attempt to (poorly) explain how humans came to be? Obviously a lot of raised eyebrows and unbridled laughter, but most importantly you get Ken Ham’s “Creation Museum” in Boone County, Kentucky. Have you seen this $27 million monstrosity of a museum? You can see it yourself for only $50 + parking. What a deal!


But the real question is how does one get to the point where it seems logical, even commonsensical, that Jesus rode a dinosaur and even kept a few as pets? That answer can be found in education; specifically private evangelical schools, where promoting “Biblical Worldviews” is front and center.


Tune in as we examine what exactly these schools are teaching and how the private schools in North Carolina are actually being funded by taxpayer dollars – to the tune of $62 million just this year alone. That’s right, your tax dollars are paying for school-age children to learn Young Earth Creationism (Jesus riding raptors) in lieu of, you know, actual science and history. You can thank (blame) NC’s republican legislators for their “Opportunity Scholarship Program” in wasting not only your money, but also our state’s youngest, most impressionable minds.



Gordon, Brian. September 9, 2021. “In NC, private schools receiving taxpayer dollars teach U.S. history their own way”. Citizen-Times. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/2021/09/09/north-carolina-private-schools-taxpayer-funding-teach-us-history-evangelical-school-biblical-study/5326440001/

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