January 16, 2022

Ep. 66 Just Andrew Now

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re filing a petition to replace the Diddler of York, Prince Andrew---with ourselves. Can we do a better job of being the Queen’s son than Andy? Does a Sasquatch shit in the woods? Obviously.

Longtime listeners of our show know that we have a deep appreciation for all things British and that we’ve been on a quest for knighthood for a few years now. Since Prince Andrew was recently stripped of his military titles and royal patronage by his own mom, we figure now is our chance to act. Surely the Queen will hear us out.

That said, a little investigative work on our end has uncovered the need for us, the Carolina Snowflakes, to become British citizens.  Tune in to hear what steps we’ll be taking to make this happen. No doubt you’ll enjoy listening to our quintessentially American opinions on how to get around some of the more demanding and excessive requirements of UK immigration laws. We’re a shoo-in, no worries.

Lastly, stick around to hear our answers to the UK Citizenry Test. Every prospective new resident of the UK must pass the test in order to officially become a British citizen. Will we pass? Will we be able to make our case to the Queen to replace her loathsome son? Tune in to find out!

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re exploring the exciting and historically nerdy world of time capsules. The vessels meant to house our most precious artifacts sometimes yield unexpected surprises once opened decades down the road.

Such was the case with the recent discovery of 2 confederate-era time capsules extracted from a gigantic Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond last month. What was found within the 2 time capsules was not what historians expected. Tune in to hear how the 2 boxes were located, why 1 was perhaps an epic troll by the monument creators, and what each contained.

Then stick around to hear an unusual story about a time capsule in a car buried in 1957 by the residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Things didn’t quite go as planned when the time capsule car was unearthed 50 years later in 2007, but it made for an entertaining story nonetheless. Those Tulsans have a sense of humor.

And lastly, stick around to hear what we, the Carolina Snowflakes, would place in a time capsule of our own. What do we think most represents the era and climate we’re living in? And what would we want our future selves to remember about the important moments in our recent history?

Tune in to hear it all in this week’s historically nerdy and laugh-out-loud time capsule episode!

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