January 30, 2022

Ep. 68 Humorous Headlines

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’ve hand selected some of our favorite national news headlines from this week to share with our fantastic listeners. In case you didn’t notice, this week’s news was exceptional in the world of irony and absurdity—to the point that we found ourselves laughing out loud on several occasions and realized we simply HAD to talk about it.

From the US military losing a stealth jet in the China sea (oops?), to Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia telling Bette Midler to kiss his dog’s ass, to Florida issuing a winter warning for flying frozen iguanas, this week was absolutely filled to the brim with stories that made us wonder whether The Onion had become real life.

By the way, North Carolina’s disgraced former Governor, Pat McCrory, is back in headlines and he’s just as delusional now as he was in 2016 when he tried to make us all show our junk to use public restrooms.

So tune in to hear our take on these stories plus more as we share our favorite humorous headlines of the week!

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