October 11, 2020

Ep. 12 A Definitive Guide to Qanon

What the heck is a Qanon and what does it have to do with Mamaw sharing posts on Facebook about saving children? What if we told you that Qanon doesn’t give a flying flip about saving children and that the real objective of the founders of this bizarre movement is much more sinister?

Devout followers of Qanon possess a variety of strange and almost comical beliefs. We say “almost comical” because although it seems hysterical to think someone actually believes our POTUS is secretly fighting forces of darkness in order to save babies from red-shoe-wearing, Wayfair-shopping vampire Democrats, in truth, it’s alarming because these beliefs have weaseled their way into mainstream social media and into the homes of suburban housewives. You know, people who actually vote.

What began as a conspiracy theory puzzle-solving game hosted within the depths of the dumpster fire known as 4Chan has been marketed and re-branded to appeal to a much wider audience across social media platforms such as Facebook. Thus why your Mamaw insists we must save our children.

What’s most interesting about the Qanon movement is the convergence of so many different types of followers under one umbrella. From anti-vaxxer moms to diehard religious zealots to sweet old ladies who like to knit mittens, Qanon has gained ground among all types of people and it’s having real-world consequences.

You may think you don’t know anyone caught up in this movement, but we’re willing to bet you do.  In this week’s episode we examine the who, the how and the why of the movement known as Qanon.

Who started this mess and how did it get this far?   



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