February 21, 2021

Ep. 31 Nerdy Money

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we examine the complex existence of nerdy money. What happens when the world of technology collides with capitalism and systems are manipulated to benefit a select few using computers, cell phones and apps? We are by no means investment analysts, but we do find much of the recent news surrounding stocks (i.e. GameStop) and their ups and downs very interesting.

Arguably the nerdiest of nerdy money is Bitcoin. Strap in for an extraordinary tale of the history of Bitcoin and how the cryptocurrency came to fruition, plus hear where we think it’s going next. And not to brag, but we’re offering our listeners one of the best and most palatable explanations of blockchain technology. You don’t have to be a techy genius to follow – we’re breaking it down in simple terms because that’s how we roll.

And what better way to explore the collision between tech and capitalism than by taking a look at how phone farms have become a means to make a quick buck for some real (and not so real) artists? Tune in to hear how Justin Bieber allegedly used phone farming to manipulate and boost his ratings on Spotify. Dirty. Biebs, what the heck man?

Lastly we take a look at the battle currently brewing between Facebook and the entire country of Australia. Looks like Australia grew a set and told old Zucc to quit stealing (and profiting from) their news. But what’s going to happen next? Will Australia straight up ban Facebook? YIKES!

So much nerdy money, so little time. Tune in to hear it all!

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