May 9, 2021

Ep. 42 Hot Shots

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re talking about vaccines and how the U.S. is performing in terms of getting all 328 million citizens vaccinated against Covid-19. Although great strides have been made in getting vaccines into arms here in the U.S., we think the numbers could be better. To be honest, we thought vaccinations would be further along by this point. Even the Carolinas are lagging behind most other states in vaccination rates and red states in general seem to be lagging more than the rest.  Coincidence? Hardly.

In his new book titled “The Premonition: A Pandemic Story”, Michael Lewis reminds us that at one point, the U.S. was deemed to be “the most prepared country on Earth in handling a pandemic crisis”. Y’all, we had a whole team of scientists dedicated solely to figuring out the complexities of how to successfully navigate an entire nation through a global pandemic. But that team of scientists was promptly fired when the Tangerine Tyrant took office and well, we know what happened after that.

So here we are, trying to clean up the mess left behind by an incompetent leader, while in the midst of a still-ongoing global pandemic. We’ve got vaccines that people are afraid to take, a government that many still don’t trust and a group of rightwing nut jobs who genuinely believe their mission is to thwart progress at any cost. All of this is happening within the confines of a pandemic and is happening in a country that just a few years ago was named “most prepared” to handle the mess we’re currently struggling to handle.


We also can’t help but wonder what the future is going to look like. What are we going to do with those who adamantly refuse to get vaccinated? Yelling at them might make us feel better in the short term, but it isn’t going to fix anything or change any minds. We’ve gotta find some common ground and do our best to approach with understanding. To be clear, understanding is not the same as tolerating, which brings up our next question.  Will limits be set on where unvaccinated Americans can go and what they can do? Who will set those limits, if so? Although we don’t particularly like the term “vaccine passport”, will something like a passport be needed to participate in day-to-day activities?

We speculate on these questions plus more. Heck, we even talk about our own experiences and fears surrounding getting the Johnson & Johnson shots. Are we going to grow tails? Have our brains started to pickle yet? We can neither confirm nor deny the possibility.

So tune in to hear our Snowflakey thoughts on the current status of vaccinations plus what we think the U.S. is doing right v. what it’s doing wrong in this week’s episode called “Hot Shots”.

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