June 6, 2021

Ep. 46 Our Quest For Knighthood (Part 2)

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re continuing our charismatic Quest for Knighthood in this follow-up episode--or as we like to call it, “Part 2”.  Yes, we’re still madly in love with all things Britain and our desire to be knighted is ever unflinching.

Since knighthood is practically guaranteed for us in the near future, we thought it wise to understand what it means to “be knighted” in this day in age.  Tune in to learn about the categories under which such an honor is bestowed and hear about the process leading up to the grand ceremony. Soon we’ll be partying it up in the Knight Clubs alongside Sir Patrick Stewart and Dame Keira Knightley. On a side, yet related note, we assume Keira’s last name gave her a bit of an advantage in being chosen by the Queen since the Royal printers saved on ink costs. If only we were the Knightley Snowflakes. But alas…

Despite knighthood being one of the greatest honors one might receive, there have been more than a few famous folks turn down the offer over the years. You’ll have to tune in to hear who they are and why they said “No thank you” to Her Majesty. In case you couldn’t tell, we’ll be saying, “Yes, please!” when our Come-Get-Knighted letter arrives by Royal Post. Considering we’re pretty sure the Queen listens to our show, it’s really only a matter of time

Once we’re knighted, we’ll undoubtedly be spending a great deal of time with the Queen and the Royal Family. They’re going to LOVE us.  Because of this, we decided to educate ourselves on some of the inner-workings of Royal life and of those living it. Listen in to hear 20 interesting facts about the Queen herself and her immediate family. Like, why does the Queen rock such bold, brightly colored clothing? If you’re an American who ever finds yourself in line to be knighted you’ll be glad you know these things.

We close this week’s episode with another visit to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales by way of the Summoner and The Friar. These stories are an absolute hilarious trip and we guarantee you’ll be thoroughly amused.

So tune in to hear all about our recent endeavors as we continue this epic journey – Our Quest For Knighthood-Part 2.



Sir Patrick Stewart on Getting His Knighthood (video) - https://youtu.be/qUWRLzL044U

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