October 31, 2021

Ep. 57 RIP Internet Explorer

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re saying farewell to Internet Explorer (IE). Once the most used Internet browser in history, IE has most definitely seen better days. To be honest, the “little blue e” hasn’t seen a good day in quite some time and as a result, Microsoft is officially pulling the plug on IE in 2022.

For us Snowflakes, IE was the birthplace of our earliest internet explorations. Being that we’re old enough to remember life before the internet, but still young enough that the internet has very much become a part of our everyday lives, we have something of a unique experience.

Join us as we reminisce on our youthful exploration of the “wild west” of early Internet browsing. Hear tales of our dabbling in Geocities, Yahoo Answers, Ask Jeeves and the late, but not-so-great social media precursor called Friendster.  We chatted, we Livejournaled, we swam with the catfishes before Catfishing was even a thing. And we did it all, in great part, thanks to Internet Explorer.    

Tune in and join us as we pour one out and pay our respects to Internet Explorer. 

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