November 7, 2021

Ep. 58 The Truth Is Out There

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re on the search for the truth because we heard it’s out there.

This episode is inspired in large part by the book “Bewilderment” by Richard Powers, in which the main character of the novel, an astrobiologist, writes code that helps investigate the potential conditions for life on other planets.

Powers' novel got us seriously contemplating something called The Fermi Paradox – named after Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi. The Fermi Paradox is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence for extraterrestrial life despite high estimates for their probability (the Drake Equation).

Simply put, where the hell are the aliens?

Join us as we speculate (hilariously) as to where the aliens might be and as we take wild guesses as to why they’re probably avoiding us.

That said, perhaps they aren’t avoiding us at all and maybe they sometimes stop by to visit--at least that’s the word on the street from the Pentagon. In June of 2021, the pentagon released a formal assessment of 144 UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) reported by military personnel over the last several years. Something that had been denied by the feds for decades is now out in the open for all to see – yep, we’ve got UFOs.

Tune in to hear what we found in their report and to hear which U.S. states have had the most UFO sightings in history – you might be surprised to learn which one of the Carolinas made the top 10.

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