November 28, 2021

Ep. 61 Gay Frogs And Crisis Actors: The Alex Jones Story

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re diving deep into the bizarro world of conspiracy theory talk show host, Alex Jones.

Jones was recently subpoenaed to testify before congress in relation to his involvement in the January 6th Capitol riot. This development, plus a recent court order finding Jones liable for damages to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary got us wondering more about the wacky person behind Infowars.

Specifically, how did such a strange guy get to be so successful? And why do millions of people buy into his endlessly bogus BS?

Tune in to hear about his rise to infamy and his subsequent fall from social media fame… plus everything in between.

Stick around to the end to hear your favorite Snowflakes’ armchair psychoanalysis of Jones and others like him – specifically why writing him off as just another “crazy person” isn’t necessarily the smartest move.

Get comfy, tuck into your favorite snack and TUNE IN because you do not want to miss this!

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