March 13, 2022

Ep. 74 Building Blox

This week on the Carolina Snowflakes Podcast we’re exploring the online game platform and game creation system known as Roblox.

Geared primarily towards children, the platform has been around for well over a decade and at first glance seems relatively innocuous. On the surface it’s simply a place to create and play games.  But further investigation reveals a gaming platform fraught with problematic issues, including the exploitation of children.

By design, the Roblox system makes the creation of content appealing by offering users real money in exchange for their game builds. But also by design, the system makes cashing out earned revenue incredibly difficult and downright confusing. Needless to say, out of millions of creators, only a few hundred actually earn enough money from their Roblox builds to call it a living wage job.  It some ways the Roblox system resembles an MLM setup or a pyramid scheme.

We argue that even if you’re not a parent or caregiver of a child using the platform, it’s worth knowing what’s happening on Roblox because in all likelihood these practices are coming to a platform you use.  Unfortunately, children are the guinea pigs suffering exploitation at the hands of corporations like Roblox as the practices are further fine-tuned to eventually be geared towards adults.

So tune in to to learn what to look out for as we take a deep dive into the corrupt building blox of Roblox.

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